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Top 10 Reasons to Buy a HouseMe Tiny Home Today

Finding the right business to work with can be tricky when it comes to building your Tiny Home. Admittedly, you're spoilt for choice as more and more companies like ours are popping up. Unlike the housing industry, there are slightly different regulations around building transportable homes, so it's only with a reputable business that you get the full peace of mind you need.

Luckily, there are dozens of reasons why you can rest easy building with HouseMe. In this post, we've taken ten of those reasons to help you see why you're better off with a HouseMe Transportable Tiny Home.

1. HouseMe has a wide range of options - You'll have to flip a coin!

When it comes to tiny home floorplan options, HouseMe has 11 different styles to choose from. Whether you're after a small compact studio, or a cozy two-bedroom home with a full kitchen and bathroom - HouseMe has you covered!

Have a look through our designs and pricing by following the link or give HouseMe a call on 0800 468 736 to organise a viewing at one of our 3 sites - Click here to view your options.


2. Experienced - We have a few grey hairs!

HouseMe has been building and delivering Tiny Homes and Transportable Cabins for 15+ years.

What started as a small backyard operation, has grown into a market leader that now produces 500+ units per year.

Proudly employing a team of 80+ staff & contractors, we've helped create short & long-term housing for 4,000+ Kiwis across the country. If you have questions about consent, delivery, insulation, power, and waste set-up, we can certainly help.

Chances are if it's rattling around your head as a question, our experience can help you get to the answer quickly. We can also uncover questions that you may not have thought to ask, thanks to our years of experience in the field of building affordable transportable homes.

3. Huge capacity - We have put on weight!

Did you know that in December 2021, HouseMe built the largest off-site manufacturing facility in New Zealand, and has since taken possession of another neighbouring site giving us a total of 12,000 square metres dedicated to building your dream tiny home?

A large warehouse means HouseMe has a huge capacity for building plenty of transportable homes at once. We now occupy New Zealand's largest site, with the sole purpose of completing your tiny home as efficiently as possible - Fabrication & Pre-cut, Box Build, Storage & Dispatch. We are proud to boast the shortest lead times in the industry.

Our capacity means that customers can see faster turnaround times as we have more room to fabricate and finish our units. You may see some other transportable home companies experiencing slow-downs with production because they're reaching their limits or having challenges with the supply chain. Thanks to our new facility we don't see these same sorts of delays. We are regularly building 28+ Units at once.

4. Guarantee/warranty - We won't run away!

For that extra peace of mind, all our new builds come with a 3-year workmanship warranty. Some of the components come with extended manufacturer warranties which we will discuss upon purchase. We use locally made materials where we can, designed by Kiwis for the Kiwi climate and lifestyle.

5. Extremely affordable - That's why customers flock to HouseMe

With HouseMe Transportable Tiny Homes starting from as little as $65,500, getting some extra accommodation has never been easier

The reason customers turn up on our doorstep is first, because of the Price. Quality and Efficiency are the cherries on top.

Our most popular option, the Big Bertha 12.5 X 3.6m Extra Wide Unit Deluxe Two Bedroom is only $129,500 incl. GST. You can have a 10.4 X 3m Deluxe One Bedroom for as little as $88,000. You'll even have some change left-over for some other cool stuff.

No matter whether you're looking for a little extra space for extended family, or aiming to become a property investor by buying a transportable unit to rent out on AirbnB or to a long-term tenant, we've got you covered. We also offer finance. If you meet eligibility criteria, which can make owning your own transportable unit even easier.


6. Try before you buy...well, sort of.

With Showhomes in 3 Locations - Auckland, Taupo & Tauranga - you can come and check out what a HouseMe Tiny Home looks and feels like before you make any decisions. Sit back on the couch, put your feet up on the bed, open and close the fridge, and you can even stand in the shower! Let your imagination run wild and picture yourself living inside of a Brand New HouseMe unit.

Still unsure as you're not used to downsizing, you can even Hire one of our units for 6 months if you wanted to see if a transportable home would be suitable for your needs. Have a look at our available units by clicking the button here and give one a try before you buy.

7. Pick and choose your colours and interior styles - The Exciting stuff

As a part of the purchasing process, you will choose your exterior paint and joinery colour combination, benchtop, vinyl, and carpet style. This gives you the chance the personalise the unit and put your own flavour on it.


8. We hand-deliver New Zealand-wide, and beyond - We love a Roadie!

HouseMe delivers to most places in New Zealand, not just the North Island. We can even deliver to the Pacific Islands if necessary (although the delivery fee may be a little more - You can pay us with fresh seafood and cocktails.

You will be provided with a delivery price at the time of placing an order and most customers are pleasantly surprised at how low the cost is. We have our own trucks and equipment and employ a very, very experienced crew.

Whereas there are some locations that a truck with a house on the back simply cannot access, we will talk through this with you as it's not as difficult as it may seem for a transportable home. Our units are a maximum of 3 to 3.6 metres wide and, depending on the length of the unit, this means we can access a lot of places that many other homes cannot. We can even crane in the unit if access to your backyard is limited.

9. Suitable for all needs - We've got your back!

HouseMe has experience in creating tiny homes for a range of purposes. From residential units to commercial offices and even investment properties.

This means that no matter whether you're buying a unit to use as a home office in your garden, or if you're adding a unit as extra space for people to stay, we can find the perfect unit to meet your needs. But don't take our word for it, hear from one of our customers instead:

10. HouseMe give back to the community

With a strong belief in giving back to the community and helping the younger generation, HouseMe runs a student programme to help enable students to get real-world experience in the workforce.

Working with a company that is dependable, experienced and community-focused means working with a company like HouseMe.

We've given you ten reasons why you should consider using HouseMe to build your transportable unit but, to be honest, you only need one. And that's the fact that we'll build you a transportable home that is yours to cherish.

Open up a world of possibilities by talking to a member of the HouseMe team today.

Download our new 2022 Brochure Now
Download our new 2022 Brochure Now


Helping you to find the right New Zealand made transportable unit to suit your requirements.

We have a selection of tiny portable cabins perfect for additional accommodation. From a one-bedroom studio set up to a self-contained Two bedroom portable house. Here at HouseMe we work with our customers to help fulfil their accommodation needs.


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