12.5 X 3.6M Two Bedroom Deluxe Transportable Home | EXTRA WIDE

12.5 x 3.6
2 bed
On Skids
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The 12.5m X 3.6m Deluxe Two Bedroom Tiny Home is our largest two-bedroom unit on offer. The extra width provides additional space across all living spaces, and at 42.5 square metres, this Tiny Home is not so tiny.
Note: 3.6m at the roofline and 3.4m at the external shell.
Delivery price is based on location and level of difficulty. Pilot vehicle and Hiab/Crane required.

Code Compliance Certificate (CCC)
All new HouseMe units will be issued with a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC). The CCC is a legally recognised document verifying that the building work carried out complies with the New Zealand Building Code. This is for the Unit only.

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12 5m Deluxe NOV Grey Friars 0001s 0000 12 5m Deluxe NOV A0002
12 5m Deluxe NOV Grey Friars 0002s 0001 12 5m Deluxe NOV B0000
12 5m Deluxe NOV Grey Friars 0000s 0001 12 5m Deluxe NOV B0001
12 5m Deluxe NOV Grey Friars 0001s 0001 12 5m Deluxe NOV B0002
12 5m Deluxe NOV plan
Exterior Interior
Left Front Right
Left Front Right Top
Spec List Gallery 12 5 x 3 6m Deluxe 2 Bed FAQ's
  • Extra-wide (3.6m at the roof and 3.4m at the dwelling)
  • Code of Compliance Certificate (CCC)
  • Approximately 42.5m2 in size
  • Electrical & gas certificates
  • 10x double power points, 1x USB
  • 6x internal lights & 1x external light
  • Full-length curtains covering ranch slider
  • 8x windows, 7 with roller blinds
  • Exterior awning + deck
  • Carpet & vinyl
  • 900 x 900mm shower
  • Toilet with macerator pump
  • Bathroom vanity & extractor fan
  • Mirror cabinet, towel holder & toilet roll holder
  • 50m waste pipe
  • Gas Califont for hot water
  • Large kitchen with long breakfast bar & extra storage
  • Full-length pantry
  • Oven
  • 4 burner electric hob
  • Ducted Rangehood
  • Splashback
  • Space under the kitchen bench for front-loading washing machine
  • Large bedroom with 4x wardrobes
  • Secondary bedroom/office/storage room
  • Centralised bathroom with a storage cabinet
  • Smoke alarm
  • Base = 2x galvanised steel skids
  • 32 Amp power supply (15m ext. lead)
  • Double glazing
  • Underlay
  • Underfloor insulation
  • TV outlet & wall mounting bracket
  • Top opening windows
  • Pre-wire for heat pump
Can I pick up the unit from your yard and/or organise my own delivery? (Owner collects)

HouseMe has a strict policy in place for 'Owner Collects'. The policy is as follows:

  1. The Company needs to be informed what cartage/trucking company the customer intends to use. HouseMe management will be required to approve the contractor. We must consider their experience, competency levels, and Health and Safety. In the past, we have had a few inexperienced operators turn up and congest our yard, creating an unsafe environment.

  2. Owner Collects’ are at our discretion, and HouseMe reserves the right of refusal. We cannot risk the customer or contractor impacting our good name because of an incompetent operator.

  3. The customer must pay a $500 bond for a set of lifting lugs/arms. These lifting arms are engineered to suit our units, and the contractor will not be able to uplift their unit and site it without them. The lugs are our original design, and we will not provide the customer with the ‘design specs’ so they can replicate our product.
    The $500 bond will be refunded when the lugs are returned to HouseMe Head Office in Auckland (undamaged and in working order). Valid for three months from the date that the unit is uplifted from HouseMe. The bond is non-refundable outside of three months.

  4. If the customer requests a site assessment, or if a site assessment has been completed by HouseMe, we reserve the right to charge a fee of 5% of our standard transport price (3m wide unit price).

  5. We will charge a $300 administration fee. Regardless of who does the delivery (HouseMe or the customer), the customer still consumes an equal number of Sales and Transport Coordination resources. Our admin team will provide the customer with status updates, schedule the pick-up timing, and liaise with the contractor (often two contractors).
How long does it take for the Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) to be issued?

Customer: "When will we receive our CCC?"

Code Compliance Certificate: Expected Time Frames.

Your CCC is not issued immediately.

Please note there is a substantial delay between when your unit is delivered, and when you will receive your final Code Compliance Certificate (CCC).

Once the build is 100% completed, your HouseMe unit will receive a Final Inspection and become “Signed-off”. This allows us to progress to the next step of applying for the formal Certification (CCC).

Once the issuing Council receives our documentation, it enters an administrative process in their very busy system and can take up to 6-8 weeks for the PDF Certificate to hit our Inbox. This is fairly standard for the construction industry, and we have zero influence on the timeframes. Auckland Council manages the process as this is where the build takes place. They will issue the CCC for the unit only, with nothing to do with the land, foundations, or sewage.

Can I use my Kiwisaver?

Unfortunately, you can't.

It'd be great if you could as it'd help so many Kiwi's get an affordable home. However, you are unable to. There are specific rules and restrictions for withdrawing your Kiwisaver and it is only to be used for a permanent house & land purchase where a Title is issued.

Are your units Off-grid?

No, not as standard. We are open to making small changes to your unit if you're looking at going 100% off-grid i.e. Gas cooking. We do not supply nor install composting units or solar. You will need to organise that yourself once the unit is on-site.

Since our units are issued with a CCC, we have to install some form of toilet whether it be gravity-fed or with a macerator.

Do you install Composting or Cassette Toilets?

No. We install toilets with either a macerator or a gravity-fed plumbing system. Due to NZ Building Code laws, we must install an acceptable toilet for the unit to comply with and meet NZ Building Code Standards. Composting toilets do not comply with the NZ Building Code, so we do not supply them.

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