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Tiny Homes that aren't so "Tiny"

When people think of a Transportable Tiny Home, they often think of the small, fancy bespoke homes that are popularised by American TV Shows. These are usually characterized as a nifty little one-bedroom with clever storage and a loft space for sleeping in. They're often very small which can be a great thing. But what if your idea of comfortable isn't tiny?

Living in a transportable tiny home doesn't always mean sacrificing space, or the creature comforts you're used to in a traditional home. In fact, living in your own HouseMe Tiny home can give you a type of freedom that traditional renting or servicing a large home can't offer. The benefits of downsizing your home [click here] are many, and Finance [click here] can mean owning a transportable unit after a few years of paying a similar weekly amount as rent.

The idea of a tiny, transportable home is certainly appealing. But don't let the word "Tiny" fool you.

Here at HouseMe, we have a range of slightly larger homes entering the market that are compact but aren't so tiny.

In this article, we'll explore a few options if tiny isn't your idea of home.

9.4m Superior One Bedroom $63,500 incl. GST - NICE 'N PRACTICAL

Superior one bedroom tiny home

The Superior one bedroom offers a double bedroom, good-sized kitchen, living area and bathroom. The Superior one bedroom is ideal as a small rental - for Air BnB as an example, or as a sleepout, granny flat or lodger space. This is a comfortable home as a single dwelling or short-term occupation for 2 people.

10.4m Deluxe One Bedroom $71,000 incl. GST - MOST POPULAR

one bedroom deluxe unit for purchase

The Deluxe 1 bedroom adds storage and practical features into a small frame. The double bedroom comes with 3 free-standing wardrobes while the kitchen features a breakfast bar. The bathroom features a towel/toiletries cupboard as well as a corner shower and toilet. A comfortable place to live this home gives storage that is reminiscent of tiny homes but on a much larger scale.

10.4m Two bedroom - 10.4m x 3m $67,500 incl. GST - SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE

2 bedroom tiny home for purchase

This 2 bedroom unit has a double room and a single. This gives a child or young adult their own space or giving room for a study, reading room, or home office. The extra room can even be used for extra storage if needed. This unit could be used as a holiday bach or rental, or as temporary accommodation while building a home.

12.5m Deluxe Two Bedroom $85,000 incl. GST - INCREDIBLE VALUE (2 Options in this size)

2 bedroom tiny house for purchase

The largest of our transportable homes is the Deluxe 2 bedroom and it is a Tiny Home like no other. The free-standing storage in the main double bedroom offers excellent storage while the single spare room offers privacy or a practical extra space for work. The kitchen features cooking appliances, a breakfast bar area, and plenty of space for sofas and TV. The bathroom's full-sized 900mm X 900mm corner shower is paired with a linen cupboard, which is ideal for added practicality.

All of these houses are suitable as homes, no matter whether that's for a few months or many years. They offer a simple way of living with the practicality needed in a transportable dwelling.

To see our full range of transportable homes click here.

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