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How a HouseMe transportable unit can unlock your business' potential

HouseMe commercial rental

In today's modern society the 'norm' is going out the window when it comes to operating your business - but what is the norm anyway?

Do you need to spend tens of thousands on renting an office? What happens if you outgrow your home office? What if you need to temporarily expand and accommodate new workers in a peak season, or after a growth spurt?

Having the flexibility to expand without overcommitting yourself enables small and large businesses alike to grow, without the stress and financial tie-ins that extra space can suck up. Start your commercial rental application today >>

Who would a transportable studio unit be perfect for?

The options are really endless when it comes to what a transportable self contained unit can provide for business development and growth. From additional office space for small businesses run from the comfort of the back yard to more complex sites such as industrial areas and shut downs that are needing additional space for staff rooms or site manager offices. Our units can even be used as media rooms for onsite access to power and internet needs, great for large events.

In this blog we will run you through a few options that our portable units can help with when it comes to unlocking business potential and needs.

A start up business

Starting a new business is a major step. Finding a suitable property to lease, and actually landing the one you want, can be a very daunting and costly process. So why not rent a transportable unit with the help of HouseMe, and take all the stress away.

All you need is some spare land and power to get started.

Home office (without being in the home)

Maybe you're not a new business and you have been working out of your spare room for a while now. Perhaps this has been going well, but you are now finding that you need extra space as your spare room isn't quite big enough for you to work from, the store merchandise is starting to pile up, or you have client meetings to think about (walking clients through your home to the spare room isn't always ideal). A HouseMe studio unit can fix a lot of these struggles.

The great thing about having a transportable office space, that is separate to your home, is that it keeps your home and business life private from one another. You don't have to worry about frantically running around the house before every meeting checking to see if the kids belongings are sprawled across the lounge room floor, or if your breakfast dishes have been put away. You simply leave the house, head to your office, and start your day (the chores can wait until later).

Business Growth

A Transportable Unit doesn't have to be a home office. If you are an established business and are finding you are now needing more space you could rent a studio as an office, as a meeting room, or as a staff room with a kitchen and bathroom to boot. These self contained units are versatile and can accompany many business growth situations.

Maybe you have seasonal increases in demand where your workforce expands periodically. Instead of having permanent office space sitting empty for a lot of the year why not rent when you need it?

What are the benefits to renting a commercial office space?

One of the major benefits of renting a HouseMe studio for your business is that you will have lower overheads. If you plan to set up your studio at home or on your existing work site, then the land is already there and there's no need to pay those extra fees for commercial lease.

Rental of a HouseMe transportable unit can be for as short as 6 months, whereas many commercial leases are for 12 or 24 months. For more information on hire periods, zones, and delivery options, look here.

Inspired? Have a look at our rental options below!

Please note that floor-plans and sizes may vary depending on availably.

3.8 x 3m Studio
- $80 + GST per week
This simple open plan layout can be a great additional to any business site that is in need of additional storage or perhaps a quiet office space for a foreman or site manager. This unit includes a sliding door for entry access plus an additional window for extra ventilation. It also has power sockets at each side of the unit.

Check out our 3.8m transportable commercial rental studio

4.8 x 3m Studio with Ensuite
- $160 + GST per week

Like the above studio this unit can be used for additional storage or as a safe lock up for valuable goods while on site. It can also be used as an office for admin staff. It also includes a bathroom with toilet and shower for jobs that can be a little messy.

Here is our 4.8 x 3m Portable commercial office with ensuite

5.2 x 3m Executive Studio with Kitchenette & Ensuite - $195 + GST per week

This self contained unit not only can act as an office but can be a handy onsite staff room for those large projects. With everything from a small kitchen to a bathroom that includes a toilet and shower. By adding in a staff room table or couch this is a great hang out spot for staff to relax and enjoy their break.

7.4 x 3m Open Plan Studio with Kitchen & Ensuite - $235 + GST per week

Similar to the above 5.2m unit this unit includes a slightly larger lounge area and kitchen.
This self contained unit can also be used as an onsite as well as a handy onsite staff room for those large projects. By adding in a staff room table and/or couch (thanks to the additional space) this is a great hang out spot for staff to relax and enjoy their break.

This is our open plan studio with kitchen and ensuite ready to go for your commercial rental

8.4 x 3m One Bedroom with Kitchen & Ensuite - $265 + GST per week

One of our larger units for rent is the 8.4m design. This unit unlike the other units has a seperate room to the left. This can be used as a private meeting room or even sleeping quarters. The kitchen is a larger style to the other smaller units and some come with a cooking stove for more complex meal preparation needs. It also includes an extra area for either relaxation (just add a couch) or office desks for working purposes. The options can be endless when it comes to this unit.

Check out our largest transportable office rental

*Exact floor-plans will vary subject to availability

If you are interested in finding out more about any of our studios or you would like to know more about the rental process, and how to begin - then click here to get in touch!

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