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Top 8 uses for a HouseMe Tiny Home

Transportable Tiny Homes are a great solution for New Zealand's current housing crisis. Affordable, accessible and well-built, they enable kiwis to get a house they can call home.

Whether you're looking at a transportable home as a temporary housing solution, for long-term living or to generate an income, getting your transportable home is even easier now that finance is available.

Here we're going to look at the Top 8 uses for a transportable tiny home in New Zealand.

1. Long-term Home

The tiny house movement has led many people to de-clutter and downsize into smaller homes. Transportable homes are perfect for this as they can be delivered to most sections of land with little fuss. A tiny house can be a perfect place to call home whether it's a backyard or a vacant section.

The most fitting transportable unit for this could be the extra-wide 2 bedroom transportable home with kitchen and bathroom, so you have space for kids or guests.

2. A home for Mum and/or Dad.

Our parents do a great job of looking after us all our lives. From when we're youngsters through to adulthood, they're always there. As they get older, it would be great to return the favour by looking after them and even have them close to home. A transportable home can give an aged relative a place for them to relax while also being close to family if they need help or just some company. A simple one-bedroom transportable home with a small kitchen and easily accessible ensuite is ideal for people looking to live in comfort. That's easily found in the one bedroom with kitchen and ensuite.

3. Temporary Accommodation

Whether you're renovating your existing home or building a new one, you might want to temporarily spend a couple of months in a transportable home. Transportable homes on steel skids are exceptionally easy to disconnect and remove after you're done, meaning you can sell it on and recoup all or some of the initial purchase price. Sounds better than throwing money at the rent and you might enjoy the injection of cash after your recent project!

The Deluxe one bedroom temporary home with kitchen and bathroom gives you a comfortable temporary home away from the stresses of your project.

4. Airbnb

Growing in popularity is renting out a sleep-out or cabin on the popular accommodation site Air BnB. A quick search of the site shows that a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom cabin can be rented for anywhere between $90 a night to $250.

Having a portable cabin on your land means you don't have to wait for family and friends to stay to use it. Between those visits opening it up to out-of-town, guests could earn you a couple of hundred dollars extra a week.

You don't need much to please a travelling sales rep or a couple on a weekend away. Take the one-bedroom studio with ensuite, for example, it's got everything you'd expect from a hotel room as a guest, and because it's on skids, you can easily remove it if you find it's not for you.

5. Home office/craft room

Even though a transportable home is a great place to live it can also be a cheap way to create some extra space away from the house.

From a hobby room to an art studio, or even as an office for your home business, something as simple as a studio cabin can create that extra little bit of space you need. Using it as an office also means you can lock it up, keep your materials safe, or spread out your papers without worrying about clutter!

6. Help the newlyweds

If you've recently coupled up, or your children are in a similar situation, then space to begin your life as a couple could be found in a small transportable home off to one corner of family land.

If you want to start saving but don't want to move back in with family, then this option gives everyone the privacy they need in a space that can start to be filled with homely touches.

An ideal starting point is the large one bedroom transportable home with a kitchen and ensuite. It's very similar to its deluxe one bedroom sibling, but if you're not after the fanciest thing on the market and only need it until you get a deposit together, then this is ideal. There's the added advantage of either keeping it and using it as an Air BnB in the future or selling it and releasing some cash to spend on your new home.

7. Rumpus room

As the kids get older, their friends become more of a feature of your home. Playtime may have evolved from screams of joy (and sometimes pain!) to shouts and laughter. For many people, this is the joy of a family home, but as their bedtimes become later and later, you may find that having a separate space for video games or late-night chats might be beneficial. It may even be good for a few drinks once the kids have finally gone to bed!

The open plan studio is ideal for exactly such occasions. This bigger cabin features plenty of space for a sofa or two, maybe even a pool table! It's like a second living room, and ideal for when the fun is better had away from the main house.

8. Holiday home

If you're lucky enough to have a perfect section near your dream holiday spot, then a little bach to flop in at the end of a long day can be easily found in a transportable home.

If all you're after is a studio set-up for a couple, then the open plan studio with kitchen and ensuite is ideal for the couple looking to get away.

For family trips sticking a couple of bunk beds in the two-bedroom with kitchen and ensuite means you'll have the perfect bach for those family trips away.

No matter how you plan to use your transportable home, you can begin your journey by downloading our full brochure and finding the perfect one fo you.

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