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The big buzz around tiny homes

tiny homes

Tiny homes have been in the news a lot recently. Seen as a practical and affordable solution to the growing housing crisis across much of New Zealand many kiwis are turning to a fast-growing solution to their housing problems.

Many people believe that a tiny house means living on top of your loved ones so it may come as a surprise that some tiny houses have been known to accomodate a family of 6 with relative ease! Of course in many cases compact living is the dream for smaller households where more modest needs are catered for by a tiny home with 2 bedrooms a kitchen and ensuite.

But what is making tiny houses a popular option across the country? Well, a large part of the appeal is price. The two bedroom with kitchen and ensuite in the previous paragraph as an example is only $64,000 including GST.

To understand the importance of tiny houses in New Zealand all you have to do is look at the volume of Stuff articles there have been in the last 12 months about tiny houses. From 'when is a tiny house something more' to 'Tiny houses are a way of life' there are 12 articles from 2017 alone. But is this more than just a fad?

The tiny house movement, as it's being termed, is bigger than just wanting a home with no mortgage. It's about unshackling from typical notions of how we live. Instead of holding onto items for fear of missing them tiny houses encourage occupants to keep only what is necessary, and declutter all that is not essential. They are about only taking up the space you need, and only keeping hold of that which is also needed.

Many people live in houses bigger than they need happy to rack up heating costs and rates for buildings superfluous to their requirements. Some justify a multi-bedroom house based on the likelihood that 3 or 4 couples will all visit at once. Rarely is this ever the case and with the rise of sites like airbnb it's easier than ever to find comfortable, cheap accommodation nearby. So do households really need a garage full of junk and a bedroom that's used once in every other blue moon?

Buying a tiny house isn't just a great way to save money but can also be the perfect way to challenge your lifestyle, to ask yourself if all the 'things' around you are required to fulfill your life and a tiny home can also be an excellent way to get out of renting a house that's often cold and damp.

If you're ready to check out tiny living, and see the savings you could make why not download our brochure and take your first step towards a house that's small on footprint, but massive in potential.

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