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How portable are our Transportable Homes?

How portable is a transportable home

Transportable homes seems to be a title that should explain everything. After all, how confusing can the concept of a home that is transportable be? It turns out that the world of transportable homes is not as black and white as it may appear. How moveable does your house need to be to count as transportable?

Before we begin a few things need to be ignored. A campervan is not a transportable home, if it were then it wouldn't need a WOF, or to be registered! Likewise it's probably not right to consider a transportable home as a simple relocatable. After all, most villas can be relocated with enough effort! So a transportable home sits between a campervan and a relocatable. Not quite as easily relocated as a bed with a motor attached, and easier than getting a crane and a couple of lorries involved.

What makes a transportable home transportable?

Lots of housing types are 'transportable' but the general definition isn't based around whether the house was transported to its location, but whether it has been designed to be transported from that location with ease.

Depending on its size a transportable home can be fitted with wheels, or a steel skid. Both of these enable the house to be easily put in place, and easily removed once its time in that location has come to an end.

It's one of the many reasons why transportable homes are incredibly popular as rentals. If you have access to private land, or a larger section, then a rental transportable home can be very easily situated there. Having the rental home come to you reduces the hassle typically associated with moving into a new rental.

To make moving these homes easier they are fitted with a subframe, and features to enable their movement.

Subframe - Wheels, Draw Bar and Axle

The subframe is a steel frame fitted to the underside of the home. It strengthens the floor providing a safe platform to move the house. In addition there is an axle that is engineered to be bolted on to our units with wheels, which makes it very easy to move to and from its location.

How portable is a transportable home

Sticking with our core focus of transportable units, this will assist with making the unit more mobile should it need to be temporarily shifted or relocated. It is not WOF’d or Reg’d, and shouldn’t be towed around like a caravan. This isn't a trailer!

The great news about this set-up is that the house is ready to move when it has served its purpose. Whether this be at the end of a rental period, or because it was being used as temporary accommodation. You could buy one to use as an Air bnb for some time, or buy one to live in during renovation work or construction - and sell it knowing that it can be easily moved away.

Can't afford to buy your dream section and build your perfect home straight away? Why not buy the land and live on it in a transportable home while you save? With a deluxe 2 bedroom transportable home costing $76,000 there aren't many 2 bedroom homes costing less! And if that seems a little out of your price range then take a look at our transportable home finance options to see just how achievable buying your first home actually is.

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