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How much does WINZ cover on my HouseMe rental?

WINZ for rentals

If you're already receiving accommodation supplements, then it may be a relief to hear that HouseMe accepts WINZ supplements to help pay for the rent of one of our rental units.

Accommodation supplements are available from WINZ if an individual needs support in paying rent, board or the cost of owning a home, and this includes renting a HouseMe unit. You may be eligible for this support if you:

  • have accommodation costs
  • are aged 16 or over
  • are a NZ citizen or permanent resident
  • normally live in NZ and intend to stay in NZ
  • are not paying rent for a social housing property

And may depend on

  • How much you and your spouse or partner earn
  • any money or assets you and your spouse or partner have

Using WINZ for your HouseMe unit

The process here is really easy - we currently have a decent number of our rentals with individuals that have their rent subsidised with supplements from WINZ. This means that our customers are in good hands when they rent with us.

What you need

WINZ quotes - we just need a WINZ Client number to process all requests. So long as applications have Entitlement available to them, then WINZ will generally pay for the transport costs including the 1st week’s rent in advance.


Great news! HouseMe do not require a bond.


The ‘up-front’ cost is the transport fee which will vary depending on the location and size of the unit, plus one week’s rent in advance which is also calculated on the size of the unit being rented.

Depending on where you are located within our rental zone, a transportation fee will be charged. WINZ generally pays for delivery as well as pick up, and is based on a case by case basis.

References and Identification

We do not ask for references, however we do require photo ID from all our renters.


We make a WINZ Re-direction a condition of hire. This means that the rent comes direct to us from WINZ, without the need to go through our tenant's bank account and then on to us. This is preferable to us, and all of our WINZ clients seem to prefer this too. This process is very important and compulsory to streamline the process.


We prefer a flat rear site (away from road frontage) with good truck access. Access is an important factor especially when it comes to making sure the units fit down a driveway or onto an allocated space.


No pets! And don't forget that if you decide to switch to a HouseMe unit that you need to update WINZ as this could affect how much you're paid.

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Average Rental Costs in New Zealand

The average rental price in New Zealand hit a fresh record back in April 2018 when they topped a staggering $475 average per week - a 5.6% increase on last year. While this was good news for property investors, the rent rise wasn't welcomed by everyone. However, not everywhere is affected quite the same. Some provincial locations have remained very flat (Taranaki only increased by 2% to $350), whereas those in the major cities of Auckland and Wellington saw more noticeable increases - Auckland rose up to $550 for a typical weekly rent.

As they do in every country, rents depend on the quality, location and size of the property. To give you an indication, TradeMeProperty reported that the national median weekly rent in August 2018 for a small house (1-2 bedrooms) was $390 a week and $525 for 2-4 bedrooms.


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