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Don't take our word for it...

We caught up with an excited HouseMe customer to discuss her experience so far. We ask Diane 12 Questions about her HouseMe Tiny Home Purchase (answers are unedited). Have a read below:

1.) What made you decide to go “Tiny”?

My marriage was over and I didn't have a lot to spend. I definitely couldn't afford land and a home.

2.) Why HouseMe? What set us apart from the rest and what were your deciding factors?

I Started looking at Tiny houses and a friend was also looking and she suggested HouseMe as she had also looked at other companies.

3.) What unit did you end up buying?

I purchased The 10.4 Deluxe 1 bedroom unit.

4.) What are the 3 things you love most about your HouseMe Unit?

I enjoy my fresh, spacious, and easy-to-clean Unit with everything I need easily contained inside it. The wardrobe and drawer space in the bedroom is ample and also cupboards and drawers in the bathroom as well. The fact that it's double-glazed, had all the blinds & drapes, carpet, vinyl, kitchen, and gas stove fitted was such a relief as far as my illness was concerned as I didn't have to shop around at all.

5.) What do you enjoy most about living tiny?

My own peace and quiet. It is so easy to keep clean. It's nice and warm in the winter...I had a heat pump fitted.

6.) Have you experienced any challenges with downsizing?

It certainly required that I got rid of so much stuff that I had accumulated over the years!!!

7.) If there is anything you could change for next time, what would it be?

I would probably get a few more power points and a heated towel rail. I got a free-standing towel rail from Mitre 10 which fits nicely between my toilet and Washing machine and Dryer.

8.) Was there anything that surprised you about the whole process?

It was such an easy process from start to finish. Because of my sickness, I wasn't able to go to the yard to physically view the units so I trusted Bryce in all aspects. When it arrived on the Transporter with Deane and Jim, it was the first view I had of the unit and I was blown away with it. Such professional construction and bigger and so much nicer than I had imagined. The delivery up and down my very tricky driveway was done without any stress.

9.) What sort of comments do friends and family make about your HouseMe Unit?

My daughters, Family, and Friends, have been very impressed. Asking about your company. Amazed at the finish of everything inside and out. Very impressed with the Kitchen setup and storage space in all the rooms.

10.) Have you done any additional work to your home since it was delivered? A new deck outside or shelving inside for example.

Since purchase, I have had a wrap-around 2.2 metre wide deck and trellis and shade sail done. This has given me so much more usable space. I have also had the 9kg gas bottles changed to a 45kg setup x2 bottles with new pipes extended to connect and also a Heat Pump installed.

11.) Are you looking at going back to a “normal’ sized house or is your HouseMe Unit your 'forever home'?

This will be my forever home.

12.) What sort of advice would you give someone who is looking at buying a Transportable Tiny Home?

This was the very best decision I made. I feel safe and secure in my own home with so little maintenance needed and would definitely recommend buying a HouseMe Unit. My 20-year-old Granddaughter is asking her father who lives overseas to consider buying a plot of land and putting a HouseMe Unit on it for her and her partner to live in as the cost of purchasing a property and home is so expensive in NZ.

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